Our Most Recent Collaboration with Beacon Gallery!

Copy of Art Collaborations

At peasoupATTACK, our vision and mission is to build a community for artists and audiences come together on a creative platform to share ideas and perspectives for long-lasting collaborations.
Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with corporate and non-profit organizations to support with designing and planning venue ideas, exhibitions, or events. As we continue our vision and mission during the COVID-19 pandemic, we explore collaborations on a virtual or social-distancing platform.
Please view our current and past collaborations since we began in 2018. You can click on each sub-heading to view more information about each collaboration. 
  • Anime Boston 2019 at Hynes Convention Center
  • Anime Boston 2018 at Hynes Convention Center
If you would like to collaborate with us on an idea, venue, exhibition, or event, please contact kimvy@peasoupattack.com. We would love to hear from you!