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peasoupATTACK is the brainchild of artist, Kimthy Nguyen, and operational manager, KimVy Nguyen. In 2018, their website was launched and collaborated with businesses and non-profit organizations: Ben & Jerry's of Boston, ARCK, Boston Night Market, and Beacon Gallery. peasoupATTACK has four different departments: custom art apparel, serigraphy, art education and art productions.

peasoupATTACK and musician Jackson Ulmer created a brand new web series: Smoke Room Sessions (SRS), a platform for local artists to connect, collaborate and perform together. SRS brought 7 shows at Ben & Jerry's Watertown Arsenal Yards on Saturdays in June and July 2021. Smoke Room Sessions ran for one season from March 2021 - August 2021. 
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Episode 2 -Released on April 23, 2021, - Holland Teed
Episode 1 - Released on March 19, 2021- Jackson Ulmer & KimThy Nguyen
Kimthy Nguyen
Co-Founder & Art Director
Kimthy is the co-founder and art director of peasoupATTACK. Her artworks are known as an expressive form of emotion, a vessel or translator. She has worked in many collaborations with corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations, creating art decor, serigraphs, apparel or murals. Kimthy is responsible for the visual style and images in the company's artworks, images, and art/music productions. She creates the overall design for a project, and also direct others who develop the artwork or layouts.
KimVy Nguyen
Co-Founder & Chief of Operations and Relations, 617.396.7969
KimVy is best known as "KimVy Not Kim". She has worked in many different industries: education, event planning, administration and project management. She supports the vision of the Art Director and coordinates the ongoing projects, productions and collaborations with other businesses, artists and musicians.
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Smoke Room Session Press Release February 2021
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KimVy Nguyen
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