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On May 21, 2021, at 8PM EST, art collaborative peasoupATTACK will showcase musician Chloe Southern’s latest pre-recording and Rachelle Rickert's artworks during a live virtual release party presented by Smoke Room Sessions.

SRS Season 1 - Episode 2

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SRS Season 1 - Episode 1

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Current & Past Collaborations

Art Collaborations

Our artist's creativity has gone beyond screen-printing and high end apparel. Click on each bold-faced word for more info: serigraphs at an art gallery, a sidewalk mural for Ben & Jerry's, and decorations for a fundraiser gala.

Fashion Photo Shoots

To showcase our high end and wearable art apparel, we collaborated with two talented photographers. View more by clicking on each date: May 2018, August 2018 and October 2019.

Boston Night Market 2018 & 2019

We enjoyed collaborating with Boston Night Market to showcase our artworks and apparel at City Hall in Boston, MA! View more here.

What is peasoupATTACK?

The brainchild of artist Kimthy Nguyen, everything began in a printmaking elective at Suffolk University. An initial foray into silkscreening turned into a lifelong project of handmade T-shirts, serigraphs, and original artworks. 

Black Lives Matter

Artwork created by Kim Nguyen, Artist and Co-Founder of peasoupATTACK

June, 2020

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