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peasoupATTACK photoshoot May 2018

Trust in Tricia personalized 3 different looks for 1 unisex peasoupATTACK T-shirt. Lia Kakos created the hairstyles for our female model. All photos taken by our own Sean Seltzer!

Trust in Tricia personalizes and leads our photo shoots with her savvy sense of style.

Lia Kakos

Lia is a dynamic and talented hair stylist for all occasions.

Sean Seltzer

Sean is a photographer who loves to capture special moments, especially ones that are worth sharing with his audience.

Why do we support ARCK?

We are a proud partner of ARCK and we want to support their visual arts initiative in Boston Public Schools. ARCK empowers students to become innovators and creative thinkers by integrating art and design with literacy and STEM education.

We donate 10% of every sale to ARCK so they can provide low-cost and high-quality visual arts education to students of Boston public schools.

On October, Friday 26, 2018 we supported the SOLD-OUT 7th annual Gala Fundraiser. Visit for more information.